Dating your ex husband

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Often it’s hard to tell the two apart, especially if you’ve not been in a relationship or hooked up with anyone in a while.

If you can distinguish between the two and it’s nothing more than an urge for a wild boot-knocking, then stop right there because it’s definitely not worth it.

I keep pointing out that parties never start right on the dot, most doctors make you wait a good 20 minutes, and movies show an eternity of previews before the feature begins.

It's the only major argument we ever have, but we have it a lot. —June, North Carolina Dear June—though I'm guessing your real name is April but you're running a couple of months behind—It isn't about right or wrong (though, for the record, you're wrong); this is a peacekeeping mission.

Despite that, the new couple have a short-lived relationship with Joey’s blessing. This kind of thing would NEVER HAPPEN in the real world because, and I don’t condone violence, Joey would’ve beaten him to a pulp and never spoken to the dude again.

Friendships have certain elements that mesh together to solidify a bond.

Thirdly, yet without intending to come across as territorial in a caveman-defecating-on-his-patch-of-land sort of way, that person was with you and was part of your life.

And it’s funny that we see this kind of thing happen in films and on TV, like it’s the norm – it isn’t!

For me, the whole ‘follow your heart’ or ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’ cliches should be thrown out the window here.

Consider what it would feel like if the roles were reversed.

We weren't put on this planet to be small, Gia. And if that aches a bit—I promise you, it's nothing more than a growing pain.

Dear Lisa, My husband is perpetually on time, and I'm always a little late.

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Dear Lisa, My mother has lousy eyesight and long chin hairs. Here's the thing: Many are under the impression that women have babies in order to preboard planes.

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